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Comprehensive Gym Membership Management Services in Singapore

gym1At Elite Core Fittness Club & Studio, we provide services for professional gym management as well.

From site survey to conceptualization and project management, we will be able to provide you with the proper guidance on setting up your dream fitness club. We provide a one-stop solution to set up and manage your gym facilities. We will work with you to create a proper flow chart to track progress on every stage. In addition, we will be able to provide you instant implementation of fitness programs in your facility for immediate reciprocal revenue apart from gym membership.

We work closely with you to ensure your gym is profitable

We will make sure your facility generates revenue to cover your monthly operational cost by implementation of our Sales Program which has been proven in all major clubs in Singapore. We grow with your business making sure your facility is profitable at the end of the day.


Services includes:

– Carrying out a comprehensive market research within the scope acceptable to the Client

– Advising on purchase of equipment

– Advising on lay-out of the Fitness Center

– Advising on kinds of services provided to the customers at fixed  price

– Advising on methods for operation and management of the Fitness Center, including:

– Systematic Business Management Processes

– Customers Relationship Processes

– Operation Processes

– Establishment of the SOP for the Gymnasiums

– Establishment of the POS

– Standard Reporting System for the Management and Operation

– Advising on preparing documents associated with the management and operation, including but not limited to:

– Documents for introduction of services

– Documents for customers evaluation

– Establishing and preparing exercising programs

– Advising on hiring of appropriate trainers & training them

– Advising on hiring of appropriate sales executives & training them

– Advising on hiring of appropriate Stewards for juice bar & training them

– Advising on types of supplements to be used

– Advising on set up of sports bar and menu

– Providing necessary training to the Client’s personnel on matters relating to the gymnasiums and management and operation thereof


Project No.1 :

Name of Organization:
Vincharm Spa & Fitness Club

Hanoi, Vietnam

6 months (01/05/09 – 31/10/09)

Details of Project: Conceptualization, Set up, Gym Management and Consultancy.

Vincharm Spa is one of the largest high-class Spas in Hanoi. With an area of 3000m2 in the building, Vincharm Fitness Centre was set up by myself. Holding the post of a Fitness Club General Manager with a language barrier, I did everything from design to layout to planning and implementation of programs.

I covered almost all angles to set up a fitness concept with one of the largest Vietnam Enterprise. I was involved in Sales, Marketing, Fitness and other related trainings. The project management involves equipment purchase, gym layout, program design, hiring and training of staffs and other related matters.

Project No.2 :

Name of Organization:
Elite Core Fittness Club & Studio

7D/F Crane Rd, Singapore

Details of Project: 

Elite Core Fittness Club & Studio is one of the most exclusive fitness clubs in Singapore. With an area of 1200Sqf in the building, Elite Core Fittness Club & Studio was set up by Bala & Don. We did everything from design to layout to planning and implementation of programs.

We covered almost all angles to set up a fitness concept, including marketing, sales, exercise programs and other areas of training. Our comprehensive project management went beyond setting up a gym membership program, but also included the purchasing of equipment, hiring and training staff, gym layout and much more.


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